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BYC Member Launches Sailing App

Imagine an all-in-one website or app for sailors to find relevant social media posts, an integrated map- based directory of sailing destinations (yacht clubs, marinas, sailing schools, etc.), weather with a focus on hourly wind forecasts, and tide predictions world-wide. These are just some of the features of Sea & Wind, the web app of a startup led by long-time sailor and Berkeley Yacht Club member Louis Benainous.

Additional features of Sea & Wind include: - Find anchorages, fun facts, crew, boats for sale—anything sailing related - Posts can be geotagged or associated with a map listing

- The map has multiple layers, including NOAA charts - Create and easily share your own waypoints and routes.

- Waypoints can also be downloaded and added to navigation programs.

Sea & Wind is a free web app accessible through any browser. It works on computers and mobile devices, though map features are best used on larger screens.

Here are Louis' thoughts on what inspired him to start Sea & Wind: Sea & Wind is the online platform I've always wished I'd had, especially in the early stages of my sailing life. What is remarkable about sailing is that it's not just an activity; it's a community with a life-long need to share and learn from each other. Sea & Wind's mission is to facilitate participation in this fantastic activity and community.

About Louis Benainous Louis is a sailor, photographer, designer, and entrepreneur. As a sailor, he has participated in everything from trans-pacific racing, to coastal cruising near and far, to the simple pleasure of an afternoon on San Francisco Bay with friends. He often sails with a camera in hand, and his photography has been featured in various publications and projects. His photography can be seen at

In addition to Sea & Wind, Louis owns Bay Design Associates, a Berkeley based print and web design studio that has created collateral materials and websites for various clients, both regional and international. Sailing industry clients include Modern Sailing, Cruising Club of America, Latitude 38 and Blue Water Foundation.

Sea & Wind is available at:

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