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Fair Winds

To my dear friends of the Berkeley Yacht Club,

With a heart filled with sorrow, I am writing to inform you of my decision to step down as the Commodore of the Berkeley Yacht Club and resign my membership, effective October 1. This has been an awful and heart-wrenching decision, and I write today to explain my reasons and reflect on our collective achievements.

Firstly, I'd like to recognize the tremendous strides we have made together this year alone. We introduced a new web platform, making it easier than ever for members and the public to interact and engage with our club. Alongside this, the long-anticipated new roof project is finally commencing, promising to protect our club for many years to come. On the water, the zest for sailing remains undiminished, as evidenced by our reenergized racing and cruising calendar, teeming with new courses and destinations. Furthermore, I'm deeply proud of how we’ve reimagined our membership process, aiming for inclusivity and fostering increased engagement. And beyond these major milestones, there have been countless smaller yet significant improvements too numerous to list, which have boosted the member experience in large and small ways. And that’s just this year. In the more than a decade I've been a member, so much more has been accomplished, so many more memories have been made,

To our board members, I cannot stress enough my gratitude. Their selfless dedication, the countless hours spent, and the personal sacrifices made to better the club often go unseen by many. So, the next time you bump into one of them, please offer a word of thanks and buy them a drink. Their dedication runs deep, their efforts are immeasurable, and their jobs are far more challenging and thankless than you might imagine.

To our staff, who never fail to stalwartly, diligently and professionally execute their duties with a smile, I am eternally proud of and grateful for you. You are the wind in the club’s sails; without you, the club is dead in the water.

As for my resignation, it pains me beyond measure to say that my sense of belonging and safety within our clubhouse has been shaken profoundly. Over the years, I’ve been the target of harassment, ranging from verbal bullying to physical violence, at the hands of a particular member. Despite this behavior being coupled with a long trail of violations at considerable expense and risk to the club, the board has been unable to remove this member. This process has been painful and protracted and has exacted a significant toll on me to the extent that I am regretfully and ashamedly unable to remain. It may not be forever, but it has to be for now.

While this immediate past casts a shadow, I am grateful for the many years of bright, fond memories I’ve shared with all of you, and I'm optimistic about the club's future. As you’ve proven time and again, the Berkeley Yacht Club’s spirit is indomitable, and through each storm we have emerged stronger. I'm confident that the club will navigate with grace and determination, ensuring every member feels at home and safe within the walls of BYC.

To each of you, my deepest thanks. From the countless shared sailing adventures to the profound conversations in the bar and on the deck, my memories here will forever remain etched in my heart. Even as I step back, my wishes for the club's prosperity and camaraderie remain steadfast.

I cannot express this strongly enough: I love the Berkeley Yacht Club and will miss it deeply. I will not be far, however, and I hope to see many of you on the docks for a long time yet.

I wish all of you and the Berkeley Yacht Club the fairest of winds and the gentlest of seas, blowing you ever towards happier horizons.


Brian Cline

Commodore, Berkeley Yacht Club (Outgoing)

Still my favorite picture of the club I've ever taken

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