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July Update from the Docks

By Ibrahim Sargin, Port Captain

Our General Manager Suliana Baldwin has procured some fancy ID stickers from the US Coast Guard that I would encourage owners of small vessels to apply to their dinghies, kayaks, and paddle boards that are stored on the guest dock. Filling out these ID labels will help us keep track of these boats. The stickers can be found in the display stand near the club entrance. Please also attach some sort of identifying markers to any gear you may have in the guest dock shed, otherwise it may be discarded during the next clean up, as we have more PFDs and paddles in there than we need.

We encourage all members to note that according to California law sail powered vessels larger than eight feet need to be registered with the DMV, and must display up- to-date registration stickers.

Commodore Brian Cline has kindly offered to use his diving skills to make a quick survey of parts of the guest dock from below, Look out for an invite to a hotdog fueled work party at some point in the future so we can get those pesky boards under control.

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