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Officer of the Day Town Hall Wrap Up

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

By Vice Commodore Mary Garfein

Thank you to all of the members who joined us for our first Rules Town Hall -- Officer of the Day. We had a lively discussion about the program, its benefits and its drawbacks. The group agreed that Officer of the Day is a great way for members to connect to the Club and to each other.

The draw backs to the program were easily addressed with one concept -- better communication. We need to better communicate on:

  • WHEN: Officer of Day is assigned monthly with notice in the NHT followed up with individual emails. We are looking at different technologies that will allow members to see when they are being requested to serve and, if unavailable, easily request alternate dates

  • WHAT: An Officer of the Day is expected to be present at the Clubhouse to meet and greet members, potential members and guests. If there is an event scheduled, they help with set up, clean up and other duties. If no event is scheduled, the OD can create their own event or ask the Manager about needs around the Clubhouse. We are looking at ways to better to communicate this.

Next Up: Code of Conduct.

Join us for our next Town Hall on Sunday, October 29th at 3:00 pm to discuss implementation of a Code of Conduct.

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We very much look forward to a discussion on code of conduct.

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