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2024 Beercan Racing Kicks Off

Ahoy Berkeley racers!

As the winter Chowder Races wind down, we look forward to another exciting BYC Friday Night summer racing season. The program kicks into gear with an all-new Summer Racing Crew Party on Friday, March 8. This social event is open to all and an opportunity for everyone interested in racing to meet and mingle while enjoying the customary Friday night BBQ. A seminar with a brief introduction to racing will be held.

The start of the races comes a little bit earlier this year on March 15. This is the first Friday following the daylight savings switch. We will begin with short courses to avoid finishing in the dark.

All current racing documents can be found on the BYC website. It is important to review the documents carefully as there are often changes from the previous seasons. A few reminders to note:

  • As usual, we will have two divisions with separate starts. Each will have a first-place trophy. The second division MUST keep clear of the start line during the start sequence of the first division.

  • To receive the spinnaker credit, a PFD or similar items must be waved to the race deck at the finish line.

  • Unless a PHRF rating requires adjustment, a boat owner only needs to submit the entry form one time. All data will be stored on the fleet roster.

  • Races are self-officiated and racers are responsible for knowing the Racing Rules of Sailing and enforcing them through protest procedures.

BYC is the only club on the bay to host weekly races throughout the year. The races are free and open to all sailors regardless of club affiliation. This is made possible by the Beercan Team and the race committee volunteers at both the start line on the water and the finish line off the race deck. All club members are encouraged to participate whether racing or not. Those who race regularly are expected to volunteer during the course of the season. Please contact the race committee to volunteer or with any other questions at

We can't wait to see everyone out there for some wet and windy racing!

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