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Join the Berkeley Yacht Club

You do not need to be a boat owner to join. We currently have over 300 members across several categories. Sail, power, paddle, sailboard, and non-boat owners participate in an extensive series of social activities, races, cruises, and educational seminars.

We pride ourselves on being a volunteer club. We are a strong community where everybody pitches in to help maintain the clubhouse and volunteers to assist with club events. In a volunteer club, when everyone pitches in, everyone wins.


If you want to know the details of BYC’s purposes, bylaws, rules, and policies, the following three documents are a must-read!


How to Join

  1. Complete the form below. We'll be in touch to confirm receipt. Once you've paid the application fee (2x regular monthly dues), the 30-day period during which your application will be posted in the club begins. During this period:

  2. Visit BYC to meet with the manager and receive your prospective member card.

  3. Attend one club event and volunteer at club one event, and have your card signed by an officer or manager at each. 

  4. Find two members to complete the sponsor section of your application.

  5. Enjoy the events!

  6. Once you’ve completed your card, attend a board meeting to introduce yourself. At this meeting, the board will vote on your membership. You will be sworn in if approved, and your membership will begin pending the 30-day posting period and payment of dues. If denied, the application fee will be refunded.

Membership in Berkeley Yacht Club is open to anyone interested in boating and water-related activities.

Apply Now!

Complete the Member Application, submit it online and the Club will be in touch. 

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Sponsor Form
To be completed by current BYC members

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