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2024 Old Salts Dinner Recap

The Annual Old Salts Dinner was a great success and there are many wonderful members to thank for helping to make it happen. First, the 2024 Flag Officers and Board, supported and led by Commodore Mary Garfein and Vice Commodore Graeme Lowe, helped prepare, set up and serve the dinner.

We enjoyed a traditional Caesar salad, selection of smoked Cornish Game Hen or Baked Salmon, rosemary mashed potatoes, fresh asparagus, and tuxedo chocolate cake prepared by Chef Patrick.

Additional thanks for the many hands that made the event: my husband Bob Gray, Rear Commodore Roger Mason, Secretary Robin Crawford, Treasurer Evan McDonald, Directors Kimber Oswald, Judy Lee, Phil Strause, Port Captain Ibrahim Sargin, Nikita Saini, Aren for the appetizers, Antoine Wright, Allison Banister for the salad, Bruce McKenzie, Kevin Mullally, Gun Landwehr, Mari Bird, S/C Mark Bird, Susan Steward, and Tim Collins for food prep, serving and clearing. We all had to work a little harder without our Club Manager. Slide presentation and photographs by Staff Commodore Jeannette Lakness-King. Director/NHT Editor Amanda Witherell for encouraging me to keep drafting articles.

It has been a year since we honored our rockstars—long-time members of Berkeley Yacht Club. These are the members that for the last 50+ years built the clubhouse, secured the funding to support our activities and managed to uphold the spirit of the club—and had fun doing it. They created the cruise-outs, races and socials that are the foundation that younger, newer members enjoy today.

Joining the ranks of 50+ years of Membership were Don and Mary Lou Oliver. The “Original Rockstars” present were Gordon and Betty Towell, Becky Jenkins, Staff Commodore Carl Jordan, and Janet Darling all still making Berkeley Yacht Club home.

40-year members: 1989 Staff Commodore Michael Yovino-Young and Allison Teeman, Paul Kamen

35-year members: 2012 Staff Commodore Kathy Pickup and Chuck Johnson, 1995 Staff Commodore Diana and Jim Freeland, 2000 Staff Commodore Sue Fry; George and Sheri Clyde.

25-year members: Kevin Mullally, Todd and Nancie Townsend, Alex Case, and Wyatt Jones.

Again, this year we had new members attending and volunteering. You are the next Rockstars of Berkeley Yacht Club. You will think of new places to cruise to, new races to win, and make new friends that will remain forever.

Hope to see you all next year at the next Old Salts Dinner.

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