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A Cruise to St. Francis Yacht Club

After missing several years thanks to the pandemic, we finally made it back for one of the most popular cruiseouts for BYC members—a luxe weekend at St. Francis Yacht Club including their fabulous all you can eat seafood buffet!

This year we had three boats from BYC: Meriel with Troels Smit, Paradesia with Richard Vulliet, and my boat Pelikan. We were joined by Kind of Blue with Michael Gregg, from the Sea Breeze Yacht Club, plus a total of 18 crew and land cruisers. Michael Proctor was going to join us on Calafia, but unfortunately was kept home by a last minute case of Covid.

Friday night was warm and pleasant with a beautiful sunset, so we had a lively happy hour with all 18 of us spilling out of the cockpit of my boat Pelikan.

Most of us then moved to a table for 16 in the main dining room of the St. Francis where we feasted on piles of shrimp, crab, oysters, sushi, and much more.

The next day some of us explored San Francisco while others enjoyed the hospitality of the St. Francis.

Six of us met up again that evening for drinks at the Interval, an innovative bar at Fort Mason. We then moved the party next door where we were lucky to get a private room at Greens. We enjoyed sweeping views of the GG Bridge and a gourmet dinner before returning to our boats for the night.

We had enough wind on Sunday for a relaxed sail back to our home berths. For anyone who missed this year’s cruiseout, don’t miss it next year!

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