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Attend Oktoberfest!

Ahoy my Berkeley Yacht Club Friends!

You and your friends are invited to join me at the club on Saturday, October 21, at 4:00pm for a German Oktoberfest Celebration!

My wonderful Bavarian wife, Moni, and I will be hosting this year and have a delicious menu of Bierhall Schmankerl (Beer Hall Specialties) planned for you!

The club will be decked out like a traditional Munich Beer Hall, including a welcoming atmosphere of communal tables and live music from Alpine Sound.

Of course, the beer and other tasty libations will flow from the bar and we will be rocking our lederhosen and dirndls!

Volunteers are welcome to join in throwing this German extravaganza! To help me make this event a success I need the following helpers the day of the event:

  • Morning help in the kitchen (2+ people)

  • Afternoon assistance with venue set-up the venue and kitchen prep (2+ people)

  • Evening help serving members and guests and to clean up (3+ people)

This year we will also be holding a Meeting of the Corporation and your involvement is appreciated.

Will you commit to joining in or volunteering to help throw one of the best parties of the year?

I truly hope you will. Please let me know ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating with you on October 21!



Brezel mit Obatzda

Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut


Schweinebraten mit Kartoffelknödeln und Rotkraut


Spaetzle mit Jaegersosse

Gemischter Salat


Apfelkuchen mit Schlagsahne und/oder Vanilleeis



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2 commenti

18 ott 2023

I am trying to RSVP for Saturday but it is an eternal do loop. Mark & I will be there

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Got it, Mari

Mi piace
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