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Celebrating the Club's 85th Birthday & Old Salts Dinner


Have you ever wondered how Berkeley Yacht Club traditions came about? How many times have you hear someone say, “But it’s tradition”? Well, I am one those who love traditions new and old. So, I want to share my favorite tradition with you. It’s the Berkeley Yacht Club’s way of honoring members who continued to serve and stay true to the club’s purposes as stated in our bylaws: to foster, encourage and further the sport of yachting. It is at the annual Old Salts Dinner, which was started by member Alan Weller (2005), who felt that the longtime members of Berkeley Yacht Club should be acknowledged and thanked. So, like any tradition it started with one member who had an idea, worked hard to implement it, and found others who agreed that this was something worthwhile. And so, we have the Old Salts Dinner.


Tradition: The Old Salts Dinner held annually to honor our long-time members. How do I become an Old Salt?

Answer: Berkeley Yacht Club honor’s our long-time members starting on their 25th year of regular membership. This year we celebrate some very special Old Salts who have supported the club, both on the water and ashore. How do you become an Old Salt? If you joined Berkeley Yacht Club in 1999 (when John Altberg was Commodore) you are being honored as an Old Salt this year. And after 25 years, we continue to honor you every five years at our Old Salts dinner. This year is very special; we will honor some of our 50-year members who joined BYC in 1974. The Old Salts dinner is hosted by the BYC 2024 Flag Officers and Board and volunteers that keep the club vibrant.

Come and join me on Saturday, May 18, to honor our long-time members who have built this club from the ground up. If you are a new member, you can have fun hearing the stories and learning more about the history and trivia of BYC, such as “Hhere was the first dinner meeting held?” and “Who was Commodore when we got our first liquor license?” and “Who were the Sirens”?

P.S. The first dinner meeting was held at the Claremont Hotel on June 1, 1939, with over 75 members and families, local notables, city officials and representatives from other yacht clubs in attendance. The first Board meeting was held at Drake’s Restaurant on April 12, 1939.

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