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What's Happening This Week at BYC - May 21st

Updated: May 23

Please note...

  • The personnel committee has narrowed a pool of candidates for the open Manager position down to 5 from over 100. We are hosting in-person interviews this week and hope to make an offer soon. Thank you for your patience while we continue this process!


This week...


Tuesday 5/21 (1900-2100) - Board of Directors Meeting



Friday 5/24 Officers of the Day - Patti Brennan, Sarah Rahimi


Saturday 5/25 - Clipper Cove Overnight

Due to a lack of interest, the cruise-out to Petaluma Yacht Club has been cancelled and our traditional Clipper Cove overnight anchorage/raftup is back on!


Saturday 5/25 Officers of the Day - Wilfred and Terry Hand, Beth Ann Hockey


Sunday 5/26 Officers of the Day - Myriam Chapman, and Steven and Elizabeth Hart


Tuesday 5/28 (1900-2000) - Website Team Meeting



Coming up...



Saturday 6/1 - Game Night

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