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Cruising Full Steam Ahead!

By Brad Kekst, Cruise Chair

For anyone who hasn’t heard all the stories, the cruising season is off to an amazing start! We’ve had three events since the last NHT and a total participation of at least 13 boats.

DAYSAIL TO ANGEL ISLAND To start off the season we prepended Opening Day on the Bay with a day sail and picnic on Angel Island on Saturday. We had five boats circle the Ayala Cove beach including a power boat! At various times we each used the picnic tables. Some of us grilled, some went on a nice hike. Overall it was a beautiful day in the sun. S/v Olive even stayed overnight. It was a great lead-in to the Opening Day celebrations on Sunday.

RALLY TO SAILGP Talk about cruising, those SailGP boats really beat the traffic.They make it from Pier 41 to the Golden Gate YC in minutes. We ventured out to see the action first-hand, it was quite a spectacle. Thank you, Kelvin, for organizing this event!

MEMORIAL DAY CRUISE The cruise on Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been Rear Commodore’s choice, and this year Graeme truly outdid himself (like usual!). It was an absolute adventure. Graeme chose an overnight at Sausalito Yacht Club for the destination, coupled with a lunch at the restaurant Fish and a stroll through the Galilee Harbor Community. Then we made an audible for an evening filled with music played at the Sausalito Cruising Club.

Following is just a sample of the pictures from the event. See the cruising section for a fascinating pictorial of the whole event (Members Area -> Groups -> Cruising).. Kudos to the new website!

First we all had fun watching each other come in to SYC Catching the ball. Corinthians we are not!

The hospitality at SYC was excellent upon arrival. We were set up in the corner with an awesome view of Richardson Bay.

And how are we going to get to the Sausalito Cruising Club when SYC closes down and some undetermined time between 8pm and 10pm? We take two dinghies, two kayaks, and an SUP directly to the SCC dock, of course. All part of the adventure.

Then we all had a nice, cozy, night on the hook. Okay that might not be Southern Cross in the distance, but it’s representative. Mike took off early in the morning!

Thanks, landcruisers Bob and Betty Gray, for joining us for lunch at the restaurant Fish. Their daily specials listed the name of the fishing vessel that caught the fish. There was an abundance of halibut—I ordered it over a caesar salad and as a ceviche. Yum!

On the way back we spent some time strolling through the liveaboard artist community at Galilee Harbor. A lot of great history, this is truly a creative community. Check out the pics on the new website!

And finally it was time to say goodbye to an awesome weekend. Thank you R/C Graeme Lowe for all the organizing!

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