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Eight Bells: David Hamilton

By Staff Commodore Julie La Plant

I am sorry to let you know that a member of our BYC family has passed away. David Hamilton left us April 3, 2023 at home in Lafayette.

I first met David in 1990 when I moved into his neighborhood, 3 doors away. At the time I was Sailing/Racing most weekends. When I would come home I would rinse off my foulies hanging from the garage door. David would wander down and ask...what did you sail, where did you go, how did you do. Next weekend he again would ask...what did you sail, where did you go, how did you do. This went on weekend after weekend. I finally said to him why don’t you head over to BYC on a Friday night, hop on a boat and see how you like racing.

Well, I guess he did because next thing I knew he was a member of BYC and racing his Merit 25 Mission Impossible. He truly loved the racing. You could tell by the huge ear to ear grin after each race. David then purchased a Swede 36 and headed for Mexico. He eventually settled in Puerto Vallarta where he spent most of each year. David and his sailing adventure stories will be greatly missed.

May you have fair winds my friend...

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