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Eight Bells: Laraine Salmon

By Mark Salmon

I am sorry to let you know that my wife and long-time Berkeley Yacht Club member Laraine died peacefully at home on April 3. For many years she had a progressive breathing problem that has no known cure. Knowing that this outcome was inevitable, we tried to make the best of it and love each other as much as possible. She was 79.

Laraine’s sailing exploits included building a boat, sailing to New Zealand, sailing around the world, several Hawaii races, local ocean racing series, and hundreds if not thousands of Bay and Estuary races or cruises. For many years she also enjoyed masterminding or participating in big social events at BYC.

I am contemplating what kind(s) of remembrance or celebration could be done for Laraine’s life, and to give people an opportunity to share stories or anecdotes.

Although Laraine would like us all to have a big party, I am a bit concerned about having a big indoor event right now, as I believe Covid is still a concern. Online Zoom meets would give family and friends that are far away an opportunity to participate, but would not be as personal. Perhaps a combination of both. Let me know if you have suggestions.

I am not quite sure of the best or “right” way to let people know this news. I am copying a limited number of emails, so as not to create an overly large mass emailing. Please forward to others that would like to know. A note sent out from berkeleyyc or its Google Group by copying this email would be helpful. I will separately notify Laraine’s other social groups.

Apologies if I do not respond to your messages or calls right away; I am just doing things one at a time.

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