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Hidden Treasures Revealed

Photo © Louis Benainous

In the spirit of honoring our rich maritime heritage, the Berkeley Yacht Club Historic Preservation Committee is excited to share some thrilling updates with our community. As part of our ongoing efforts to archive and preserve the club's historical documents and artifacts, we've uncovered several unused trophies that hold stories of past victories and camaraderie.

Preserving Our Legacy: The Archiving Process

Over the past few months, our dedicated Historic Preservation Committee has meticulously sifted through the club's archives, carefully cataloging and preserving important documents and artifacts that encapsulate the Berkeley Yacht Club's vibrant history spanning decades. This process has not only unearthed fascinating tales but has also shed light on some extraordinary trophies that had long been tucked away.

Upon discovering these hidden treasures, we're thrilled to announce that the Berkeley Yacht Club Board has given its enthusiastic approval to bring certain historic trophies back into active circulation. These trophies are not merely symbols of past achievements; they're a testament to the enduring spirit of our club.

Solomon Grundy's Sunday Trophy - A Chowder Series Highlight

The Solomon Grundy's Sunday Trophy, a storied relic from our club's past, will once again see the light of day. Starting this year, this prestigious award will be given annually to the boat with the most starts in the Chowder Series. It's a nod to our commitment to both tradition and the spirited competition that defines the essence of the Berkeley Yacht Club.

The First First Trophy - Celebrating New Victories with a Pitcher of Beer

Adding a fresh touch to our trophy repertoire, we introduce the First First Trophy. This novel award will be presented, along with a celebratory pitcher of beer, to any boat that records their first first place in a Beercan race. It's a delightful way to encourage friendly competition and celebrate the achievement of our members in the here and now.

Get Ready to Sail into History: Upcoming Events

As we prepare to reintroduce these trophies into the active life of our club, we invite all members to participate in the upcoming events where these historic awards will be presented. The history of the Berkeley Yacht Club lives not only in the past but in the moments we create today.

We are excited about the journey ahead and the opportunity to blend our club's proud history with the vibrant present. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to unfold the chapters of our maritime legacy.

Fair winds and following seas.

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