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It Takes a Village to Maintain a Clubhouse

After many months and countless hours of hard work, the new roof finally passed its warranty inspection! It's been a long, hard slog, and many members contributed to the ultimate success of this project, though perhaps none more than Glen Garfein and Evan McDonald. Between overseeing the bidding process, navigating permitting and construction delays, overseeing the work while it was underway, and inspecting the final product, this has been an absolutely massive undertaking.

The new roof was badly needed, as the clubhouse experienced some serious water ingress during storms these past few winters. In retrospect, the project would have been less expensive and complicated had we addressed it even a few years earlier. The damage that occurred due to water ingress made the final project that much more complicated and expensive to complete. The pandemic had its hand in this delay, and we've paid a bit of a price.

Going forward, the Board of Directors and Maintenance Committee are looking to further protect our most valuable asset (aside from our liquor license): the clubhouse that so many of our members built by hand! We've identified some electrical work and will be looking at other aesthetic and functional updates. Our goal is to determine which to prioritize this year and make a plan for future years.

While some projects such as roofing and electrical require professionals with the appropriate qualifications such as insurance and licenses, others can be done by your average member with a hammer or screwdriver. To that end, I'd like to encourage any BYC member with experience in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting, HVAC, drywall, or a healthy interest in contributing to the club and learning some of these trades, to join the Maintenance Committee and help us get cracking on improving our clubhouse facilities. If interested, please email me directly at or join the Maintenance Committee channel in the website groups. We'd love to have your help!

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