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Office of the Day and BYC Volunteering Requirements

It is time to start the Officer of the Day program again. The BYC Bylaws require all members (except the Board of Directors) to act as Officer of the Day one day each year.

The current process is that we create a list of Officers of the Day for the following two months and post the list on NHT. This has been done alphabetically so that you can estimate when your name will come up. We also send an email to the ODs two weeks prior to the beginning of the month; and an email reminder the Monday prior. We allow you to swap dates with other members, or pick a new date in the future.

We have been reviewing and discussing this member obligation and its implementation. Now we would like to hear your thoughts. We have scheduled a member town hall for Sunday, September 24th. This is a working session to get feedback on various OD related topics, including whether the Officer of the Day program is worthwhile, its current implementation, any improvements, and alternatives to Officer of the Day (i.e. volunteer hour requirement that can be met by either OD or other volunteer activity). If you can't attend, but have some thoughts, please email me a

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