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PICYA Change of Watch Party

The 32nd Annual PICYA Change of Watch & Commodores Ball was held on January 27, 2024, at the Oakland Yacht Club, which is a lovely venue befitting the formality of the event.

The focus of the evening was the installation of the 2024 PICYA officers and directors, whose names and positions can be found at HERE along with images of the event, and information about the outgoing board.

The theme was "Honor Traditions into the 21st Century" and the evening felt true to that goal. This was a black-tie event, with the officers, directors, and delegates showing up in red carpet worthy attire. The level of formal dress made recognizing people a little challenging, but that is the fun of getting dressed up. A saber arch of officer flag burgees was held for the incoming honorees to pass through.

The dinner and hors d'oeuvres were excellent and the bartenders worked hard to keep up with the thirsty crowd.

Part of what makes the PICYA special is the connection it provides between yacht clubs. I hadn't picked anyone to sit with when I registered to attend, and I was assigned a great table with friendly dinner companions, some of whom have become potential friends and crew. Much of the rest of the evening was spent mingling with friends I have made attending these meetings and who I have met while sailing to yacht clubs around the Bay and Delta.

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