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Reciprocal Privileges with other Yacht Clubs in the Bay!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The Berkeley Yacht Club (BYC) is a member fof the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association (PICYA) and the purpose of PICYA is to "constitute an association of yacht clubs and boating organizations, to promote inter-club communications, yachting activities and the social interaction relating thereto, and to organize and conduct programs which enhance the general welfare of the member organizations”. (www,

PICYA was established in 1891 as an association of yacht clubs in Northern California. For 84 plus years they have published the Yachting Yearbook of Northern California, which lists all member clubs, contact information, Commodores, (past and present) officers, members and the name of the vessels they own. It is an extraordinary resource for information on all member clubs. Hard copies of the Yearbook for the past 7 years are located in the BYC office.

There are over 100 yacht/boat clubs in Northen California that are members of PICYA and many of these clubs offer reciprocal privileges to each other. Reciprocal privileges are not automatic nor are they a right. They are a privilege extended to guests of a Yacht Club. BYC members should not assume that all clubs offer reciprocal privileges and are encouraged to check the PICYA list of member clubs (link below) and also check with the Yacht Club office that you intend to visit before arrival. More importantly, members are reminded to use facilities with respect, in the spirit of sportsmanship and friendliness toward other yachtsmen.

Resources that BYC members may find helpful are provided in the links below:

The Berkeley Yacht Club extends a warm welcome to all PICYA Yacht Club members!

If you plan to visit another Yacht Club, please be aware that a guest docking fee may be charged as well as other fees specific to the Yacht Club. Please have your membership card and/or introduciton letter handy when you arrive.

A BYC 'Letter of Introduction' can be obtained from the office when travelling to other Yacht Clubs. A phone call to the Yacht Club will identify what is required for use of their facilities and whether they offer reciprocal privileges. The BYC office is happy to make that call for you.

BYC cruising and racing members have enjoyed a warm welcome at clubs, not only in Northen California through PICYA but other clubs as well on the West and East Coast, Yacht Clubs throughout Mexico, Central America, the Pacific Rim and at other ports of call around the world!

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Max S/V Olive
Max S/V Olive
Oct 02, 2023

I’ve been treated wonderfully by the various yacht clubs I’ve visited, both as a PICYA delegate representing BYC, and as a solo sailor visiting by boat as a BYC member.


I Sargin
I Sargin
Aug 18, 2023

Shoulder epaulettes look snazzy for sure, can't argue with that

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