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Suli—We wish you a fond farewell

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Many of you know Suliana Baldwin ('Suli') as our Clubhouse Manager. But, Suli is more than that. Suli joined BYC many years ago as our bookkeeper. She worked tirelessly with Bobbi Tosse, several treasurers and several commodores to both keep and clean up our Club financial books.

Then, our former manager and current member, Phil Strause, announced his resignation. We conducted a club manager search and thought we found one. Unfortunately after working just two months, she got an offer for her dream job, leaving our clubhouse manager position open again. Seeing our distress, Suliana raised her hand -- letting us know that she could "help us out" for a short time while we looked for another manager. That was two years ago!

As Clubhouse Manager, Suliana was a steady hand on the helm. She focused her efforts on keeping the clubhouse spotless and the membership content. As we came out of the COVID shutdown, Suli built our Friday Night barbeque to a fabulous meal which now averages about 50 members a week. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We invite you all to leave comments and stories onto this post to help capture Suli's impact and legacy on our Club.

Now it is time for Suli to move on to other challenges. Luckily for us, Suli is not completely leaving the BYC. She will become a member along with her husband, Victor Baldwin. She and Victor own a Coronado 25 located in the Berkeley Marina on O dock. They are avid sailors and cruisers. Suli looks forward to attending our many events as a member. And, she has signed up to lead the Gardening Team to keep our greenery healthy and vibrant.

We wish Suliana the best of luck in her new position outside of BYC, and welcome her with great enthusiasm as a member of BYC.

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Linda and I thank you for welcoming and support us during this short period as new members…Happy to learned you will continue to be active as member of the BYC❤️❤️🎼


Michael P.
Michael P.
Dec 07, 2023

I was impressed with Suliana from day one. Her dedication to BYC is just amazing. I hope she gets a chance to relax.

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