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Algae Sampling Around the Marina

Cheryl Patel, the community science coordinator with San Francisco Baykeeper, and her team is establishing a volunteer-based harmful algae monitoring program around the Bay Area. After the harmful algae blooms that occurred the past two summers unfortunately killed a lot of fish, they hope that consistent monitoring around the Bay can help them detect harmful algae early.

Cheryl and her volunteers will be taking algae samples around the Bay, including from the area around our Yacht Club and in the marina. They will use a small handheld net to capture some algae and then take a look at the species using a microscope. You will most likely see them once a week or every other week during the summer through September.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cheryl at

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1 Comment

I Sargin
I Sargin
May 31

They better not touch the green algae on my boat, been growing that for a couple of years now

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