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BT Updates and Adventures

The BT is humming along again with new fuel lines, a new fuel filter and other various tweeks; thanks to the tireless efforts of Glen Garfein.

While out on his post-maintenance check-out, Glen stopped by the CalCup race course to retrieve the racing buoys. But, before he could lend a hand (or in this case a boat!), a mayday call came on the radio. A non-racing windsurfer was down in the channel. Waiving goodbye to Mark and his CalCup Race Committee crew, Glen opened the throttle and headed out to the channel. The windsurfer was brought aboard the BT and dropped back off at his home base on Treasure Island. Both the windsurfer and the Coast Guard were happy for the BT's assistance as there were several other mayday calls that the Coast Guard was attending to.

Thanks, Glen, for both fixing the BT engine and rescuing a fellow sailor.

If you would like to be on the BT Maintenance Committee or be checked out to drive the BT for the BYC Race Committee or Beer Can Committee, message Glen Garfein and/or Roger Mason.

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