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From the Helm -- Change of Watch

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

At this time of year, a Commodore's job is almost done. And a new Board year has almost begun. The one last thing a Commodore needs to due is plan their Commodore's Ball. The tradition of the Commodore's Ball is to thank the Commodore and the current Board for all of the work they undertook during the year. And, to welcome in a new Board -- a "change of watch".

As we have no Commodore to plan a Ball, the Board is planning a Change of Watch Party. This year, the Change of Watch Party is nautical -- An evening of music of the sea.

Thanks to member, Jack Barben, for putting together the band.

Date/Time -- Friday, December 8th/1800-2100

Dress Code -- well, the Commodore's Ball is usually formal. And, a Change of Watch is nautical. So come dressed for the occasion!

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2 comentarios

Is there a day and time?

Me gusta
Contestando a

Yes, it is in the RSVP link. My apologies for not putting that up front!

It is on Friday, December 8th. Appetizers are served at 1800; dinner at 1900.

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