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From the Helm — Change of Watch

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

December is a time for change at the Berkeley Yacht Club. We had a formal "Change of Watch" on Friday, December 8, thanking the 2023 Board and welcoming new 2024 Board Members.

On behalf of the former Commodore, I would like to thank this year's Board of Directors and its supporting cast for all you have done. As noted in Brian's farewell email, this Board continued to move the Club forward as we emerged from the COVID shutdown. We have had a number or great events (thank you to Graeme Lowe and his team), a kid's camp (thank you to Roger Mason and his team), great sailing activities (thank you to Mark Bird and the Race Committee; thank you to the Beer Can Team), a new race (thank you to Evan McDonald and his team), an influx of new members (thank you Kimber Oswald and the Membership Team), a new design to the Now Here This (thank you Amanda Witherell) and a new roof (thank you to Evan McDonald, Glen Garfein and the Maintenance Committee).

A new Board has been elected and is ready to continue in the footsteps of the old Board. It is with gratitude, and it is a testament to their dedication, that members of the 2023 Board are returning with the addition of Judy Lee. Together, we have hopes and plans to bring more to the Club. If we accomplish just a fraction of those hopes, we will have another great year that we can be proud of.

2024 Berkeley Yacht Club Board of Directors


Mary Garfein

Vice Commodore

Graeme Lowe

Rear Commodore

Roger Mason

Fleet Captain

JP Camille

Port Captain

Ibrahim Sargin


Evan McDonald


Robin Crawford


Philip Strause


Amanda Witherell


Kimber Oswald


Judy Lee

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