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Officer of the Day - May 2023

By Vice Commodore Mary Garfein

“Officer of the Day” (OD) is a membership requirement at Berkeley Yacht Club as adopted into the Club’s Bylaws and House Rules. Per the BYC Bylaws, every member must serve as Officer of the Day at least once per year. Serving as Captain of the Month covers your OD obligation.

Below is the upcoming schedule. Click on the table to determined who is confirmed, available spots and contact information. If you do not want to, or can’t join us for a day at the Club, contact If you don’t want to wait for your name to appear, contact with your date preference.

What do I do as Officer of the Day? Duties have evolved over time. No longer are you a bartender. Rather you are the Officer on Deck, greeting guests and making the club run smoothly. You can help with minor chores (Suli always has a list!) or throw your own party. Officers of the Day held Chili Cookoffs, Pizza parties and Mahjong parties. It is up to you -- but please check the Club calendar first, there may already be an event scheduled.

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