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PICYA July 2023 Meeting Notes

By Max Perez, BYC PICYA Delegate

The July meeting was held at Mersea restaurant on Treasure Island, a fantastic venue in a courtyard with outdoor seating surrounded by converted shipping containers with more seating, a bar, and a kitchen. Their mango margarita was a popular drink special.

Most of the meeting was dedicated to the awards ceremony for the recent Lipton Cup. The standing and awards can be found at

PICYA reminds all clubs to nominate delegates for awards at where there were apparently a dearth of nominations last year. This delegate would happily accept a nomination...

Single Sailors Association is now using digital ID cards, allowing clubs to verify active members online when they visit.

Upcoming Events

August 10-12, 2023: Tahoe YC is hosting the wooden boat Concours D'Elegance, featuring some beautiful vintage powerbo

Aug 25-27, 2023: Discovery Bay YC is hosting a PICYA cruise in, dinner, and party. More information at

September 30, 2023: Encinal YC is hosting Margot Brown Wheelchair Regatta.

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