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June PICYA Updates

By Max Perez, BYC PICYA Delegate

The June 4 PICYA delegate meeting was held at Pittsburg Yacht Club, a beautiful club, with lots of open slips for visiting clubs, a great bar, and fantastic food. Fuel is available at the municipal marina next door. The location is a convenient stop on the way to the delta for boats heading up from the central bay.


June 16-18: Lipton Cup June 14: Deadline for PICYA Youth Scholarship applications. 1730 hours. July 10: PICYA Delegate Meeting at Mersea restaurant on Treasure Island July 22: Ebony YC will host a jazz and wine event. October 10: PICYA Management Conference for member club officers or anyone interested in yacht club management. April 28, 2024: Opening Day on the Bay


  • PICYA member clubs are asked to make sure their annual dues are paid for the year.

  • PICYA has updated their club rules and bylaws, see website for details.

  • The 2023 Yachting yearbook to be published soon.

  • The PICYA newsletter "The Navigator" will resume publication. Articles of interest can be sent to

RECREATIONAL BOATERS OF CALIFORNIA Check for their "Call to Action" regarding efforts to repeal increased boating fees and to direct fees collected back to boating related projects. RBOC is seeking donations to fund efforts to curb legislative actions that negatively impact boating.


  • Berkeley YC is recognized in the 2023 yachting yearbook for inclusivity.

  • Ebony YC wins top honors for Opening Day on the Bay 2023!

  • Alameda YC extended a general invite to visit and/or cruise in.

  • Angel Island YC exists, and apparently has a great burgee featuring a raccoon, although I was unable to find a website to confirm this.

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