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Tuesday's Viking Fun Fact

The Vikings throw grand parties. Major feasts were held around the winter and summer solstice and the spring and fall (harvest) equinox. They held celebrations for weddings, births and successful raids. Major celebrations lasted up to 12 days and included large amounts of meat, beer and mead. Whole communities would gather for these celebrations. Long tables and benches were set out to accommodate as many guests as possible. (Source: A Viking Feast -- History)

The Vice Commodore's Gala will be a grand Viking celebration that will only last a few hours. But, there will be large amounts of meat, beer and mead! We will set out long tables in the dining room and serve family style. The BYC has 36 feet of long tables. We will likely need more for all of our guests. If you have a long table, please email, put your name on the table, drop the table off at the club before 2 pm on Saturday and pick it back up again any time after dinner.

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sure wish we could be there

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