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Upcoming Cruises this Fall

By Brad Kekst, Cruise Chair


Get your dinghy ready, update your Navionics, and join us for the biggest cruising adventure of the year! We have 5 boats signed up already.

If you have minimal offshore experience this is a great opportunity to join a fleet of boats heading offshore to the Bay Area's closest venue, Half Moon Bay. We'll hold plenty of advance planning and safety sessions and you'll be joined by others with lots of experience. It's a full day of sailing each way, so definitely worth spending two nights there so you'll have a full day to enjoy the marina.

Things to do while we're there:

  • Half Moon Bay Yacht Club typically hosts multiple clubs for their biggest event of the year. Historically they've had daily meals (for a fee) and nightly bands. Details TBD.

  • Walk around HMB for a variety of quaint restaurants and bars such as Barbara's Fish Trap! Walk along the marina docks and buy fish directly from commercial fishing boats.

  • Kayaking (bring yours or rent locally) and check out amazing indigenous wildlife.

  • Hike the nearby hills.

  • There will be an event optimized for Land Cruisers, details are in the works. Once HMBYC comes out with their schedule of events we’ll make our plans with that in mind.


Brad Kekst will be organizing the trip, it will be his fifth voyage to this destination. Pillar Point Marina does not take reservations, so it is first come first serve if you want a slip. Considering this is the biggest weekend of the year for the marina you may want to depart extra early if you really need power.

Anchoring is extremely easy as there are two breakwalls. The inner breakwall is for the marina only, but there is a ton of room between the breakwalls for anchoring. We generally find a spot super close to the HMB YC. Raft-up optional, we have done this in the past. And if you anchor or raft-up you will definitely benefit from having your own dinghy.

The voyage down can take 5 to 8 hours depending on your vessel and the weather. If you stay within a few miles of the coast you’ll have cell reception the whole way. We’ve using Navionics new “connections” feature to track each other on the way down, this adds a bit safety and fun to the adventure.

RSVP HERE or reach out directly to Brad at


Join us for an overnight at the closest destination to our own home! It was so successful last time (thank you Steve), why not do it again?

Some things may be different this time. A nice, quiet evening's sleep may not be on the agenda. Completely coincidental, and unrelated to this event, there is a rumor that some other folks may be putting together some bands to play on the water.

We will raft up on our own circle (or individually if you prefer). In case there is any confusion, captains please make sure you complete your application for anchoring over 24 hours in Clipper Cove: We will need to use dinghys to get to/from shore, and our BYC membership was wonderfully reciprocated last time at TIYC. There are also a few restaurants within walking distance of the beach.

Landcruisers will need to organize trips to/from shore with captains if you want to hang out Saturday evening and enjoy the sounds of nature. We can also organize a landcruiser-friendly brunch on Sunday.

RSVP HERE on our new website or reach out directly to Brad at


The Blue Angels typically start at 3pm, and the show typically starts at 10am with The Leap Frogs (paratroopers) jumping down to Crissy Field. Will there be a Raptor in the air this year?

Aquatic park campsite reservations are all booked already, however those are for overnight. We might be able to sneak in there and anchor just for the show, but if NPR ever shows up, they'll show up this weekend. If that doesn't work we'll rally in front of Crissy Field and coordinate on channel 69. Land cruising will not be an option.

RSVP HERE or reach out directly to Brad at


The plan for the weekend is for all the boats to arrive Friday afternoon. Happy hour on Zara’s boat assuming it’s back in operation. Friday night is the famous all-you-can-eat seafood buffet at the yacht club. Saturday we are on our own. Happy hour on someone’s boat, maybe Zara’s again Brad’s. Dinner at a local restaurant, maybe Greens. Sunday morning brunch is optional, all boats may have to leave early if the club is expecting other boats to arrive. Land cruisers will have to have a host captain who will be responsible for their charges if things work the same as in the past.

RSVP HERE or reach out directly to Brad at

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