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Viking Fun Fact

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The Vikings are known for their fish based diet; herring being the prevalent fish. However, the Viking diet actually varied depending on the season. Most Vikings were farmers and herders, raising their own cattle, goats, pigs, chicken and other livestock. They also hunted deer, reindeer, elk, hare and other wild mammals. Thus, meat was a staple in all Viking households, from farmer to warrior to royalty. This high protein diet contributed to the Viking's strength.

At the Vice Commodore's Gala on Saturday night, both pickled and creamed herring will be served as an appetizer along with smoked venison sausage. Our main dish will be roasted meat, vegetable medley and rustic herb bread. A vegetarian meal of fava beans sautéed with vegetables and served over a rice/quinoa mix is available upon request. For dessert, we selected more modern, but still traditional Scandinavian recipes: Apple Cake and Almond Cake.

RSVP to join in the festivities.


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