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What's Happening Friday Nights at the Club?

Updated: Jan 9

Dear BYC Members,

Let's try something new on Friday Nights until our BBQ and Beercans start mid March.

Our Beercans on Friday night are fantastic. We all love them. But every Friday night all year round could also be fantastic at the BYC. Wouldn't it be great if BYC members knew that they could come down to the yacht club on any given Friday night, without really knowing what’s happening, and have confidence that there will be something happening that’s fun. 

To get things rolling in the club on Friday nights in January, February, and half of March (until Beercan Racing starts March 15) we propose turbocharging our wintertime BYC Friday nights with the following framework of member initiated fun:

  • BYC will staff a Bartender and offer a drink special at the club EVERY Friday in 2024.

  • Two Fridays a month will be Bar Takeover Night.  Signing up for Bar Takeover Night is your chance to set the vibe in the bar and host a party with other yacht club members and your guests: pick the music, set the lighting, pick a theme if you want one, decorate the bar a bit if that’s to your liking. Karaoke? Yes. Costumes? Yes. Whatever you want. You are curating the vibe. Sign up on the linked Google Sheet.

  • One Friday a month will be BYC Game Night. The Club will provide popcorn and a popper, and the finest popcorn seasonings. Bring your game crew to the club and get playing, or show up and join in on a game. The Albatross (Bird) is gone, but we can perpetuate that institution’s great game vibe once a month and all be better for it. A community that plays together stays together.

  • One Friday a month will be Casual Bar Potluck Night. Bring some food to the bar around dinner time. Set it up on the side table. Enjoy the company of your fellow BYC members as we enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a casual meal together. If you come make sure you bring more than your fork! Or maybe you end up buying drinks...? The club will provide paper plates, napkins and utensils.

A note about costs: This concept for Friday nights is that these loosely structured events are member supported. The club can provide some basic supplies, such as popcorn, plates, napkins, etc. but members do the rest.

Proposed schedule through mid March below. If you want to sign up for a Bar Takeover Night (Thanks to Kimber and Sarah for jumping in!) do so on the linked google sheet here.





Beer and Pizza to kick things off



Bar Takeover Night (sign up →) 


Game Night


Bar Takeover Night (sign up →)




Bar Takeover Night (sign up →)

Kimber Oswald


Game Night


Bar Takeover Night (sign up →)

Sarah Rahimi




Bar Takeover Night (sign up →)


Friday Night Beercans and BBQ are Back! 

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