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What's Happening at BYC this Week -- May 7th

Members are reminded of House Rules section E:

1. Access to the club is limited to members and their guests.

2. Members are responsible for the safety and security of the club.

3. The front door shall be kept locked except during periods of large membership or rental activity, as is required for maintaining private club status.


Please ensure anyone ringing our doorbell or seeking entry is a BYC member, a bona fide guest of a member who is present in the clubhouse at the time, or an active member of another yacht club (request membership card).

This week...

Tuesday 5/7 - Dining Room Rental 1800-2100


Friday 5/10 - Private Event in Dining Room and Friday Night Race BBQ in the Bar

We're giving Chef Pat the night off and the dining room will be reserved for a private member event. Help us keep it casual in the bar this week for Race Night pizza and salad.


Friday 5/10 Officers of the Day - James Fair, Linda Powers, and Zach Parisa


Saturday 5/11 - Dining Room Rental 1600-2200


Saturday 5/11 Officers of the Day - John Danielson, Don Oliver, and Mary Lou Oliver


Sunday 5/12 Officers of the Day - Charles Johnson, Kathy Pickup, Levent Soyarslan


Coming up...



Friday 5/17 - Friday Night Race BBQ


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