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2023 Old Salts Dinner Recap

By S/C Betty Gray

The 2023 Old Salts Dinner is over but there is still a lot of thank yous to say to all the wonderful members that made this happen. First, the 2023 Flag Officers and Board led by Commodore Brian Cline helped prepare, setup and serve the dinner. The dinner was amazing with a strawberry green salad, selection of Stuffed Chicken Breast or Baked Tilapia, rice pilaf, fresh zucchini and chocolate cake prepared by Chef Richard. Staff Commodore Mark Bird made sure every plate had just the right amount.

I have so many thank yous to give these are just a few of the many hands that made the event: my husband Bob Gray,

Commodore Brian Cline, Vice Commodore Mary Garfein, Rear Commodore Graeme Lowe, Secretary, Robin Crawford, Treasure Evan McDonald, Port Captain Ibrahim Sargin, Brad Kekst, Thea Lerner, Antoine Wright, Allison Banister for flowers, Director Kimber Oswald, Gun Landwehr, Len Tiemann, Mari Bird, JP Camille and more for setting all the tables, food prep, serving, clearing and flowers arrangements, our club staff Manager Suliana for her continued help all evening, Assistant Manager Lisa Hawley for keeping our drinks filled and again. To all of you thank you. Also thanks for the slide presentation and photographs by Staff Commodore Jeannette Lakness-King and Director/NHT Editor Amanda Witherell for encouraging me to keep writing articles.

It has been a year since we honored our “Original Rockstars”: the long time members of Berkeley Yacht Club.These are the members that for the last 55+ years and counting have built the clubhouse, secured the funding and managed to uphold the spirit of the club. And have fun doing it. Cruise outs, races and socials that are the foundation that we younger, newer members are all enjoying today. Staff Commodore Carl Jordan joined the elite group of members who have been members for more than fifty (50) years. The “Original Rockstars” present were 1971 Staff Commodore Larry Telford, Becky Jenkins, John Clauser, and Janet Darling all still making Berkeley Yacht Club home.

So, let’s thank the honorees again for their years of contribution to Berkeley Yacht Club.


1980 Staff Commodore Carl Jordan

45 YEAR MEMBERS Bruce and Maria Wallace

40 YEAR MEMBER 2004 Staff Commodore Mark Salmon

35 YEAR MEMBERS 2001 Staff Commodore Steve Crawford

2022 Staff Commodore John Danielson

Richard Page Paloma Pavel

30 YEAR MEMBER Myriam Chapman

25 YEAR MEMBERS Henry King 2008 Staff Commodore Jeannette Lakness-King

2014 Staff Commodore Bob Gray 2007 Staff Commodore Betty Gray Len Tiemann Linda Messia Rob and Pella McCormick Tom Tazelaar Lisa Miller

Again this year we had new members attending and volunteering. To you I say you are the next Rockstars of Berkeley Yacht Club.

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