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Clipper Cove Weekends

Welcome to the 2024 cruising season! We’re already off and running with events already scheduled and lots of ideas for new adventures, so get your calendars ready.


To quote our Commodore, “Wouldn't it be great if BYC members knew that they could come down to the yacht club on any given Friday night and have confidence that there will be something happening that’s fun.”

Well, we thought we would try something similar. On the last weekend of every month we’re going to have an overnight cruise to Clipper Cove for at least Saturday night, with Friday nights optional. No need to sign up, no need to worry about where the location is or what time to show up. (Actually you still have to check when the tides work for your vessel). We’ll always be in the Southwest corner flying our BYC burgees. Since the member dinners are very consistent this year on the third Saturday of each month, we’ll let the last Saturday of each month define when we’re going. Clipper Cove is the closest destination to our club, it’s about an hour for most folks, and that includes undocking from Berkeley and dropping your anchor in the Cove.

We will revive at least one discussion board for anyone who wants to know in advance who may be going (aside from last-minute deciders) and if anyone wants a ride.

This will be going all year long, so no excuses that you couldn’t plan ahead!


St Francis Yacht Club | August 9-11

Since you can’t plan too far ahead, we already committed our date this year to cruise-in to St. Francis Yacht Club. For those who missed last year’s event, check out the write-up in December’s NHT. Thank you Zara! For those who aren’t aware, they don’t subscribe to the PICYA reciprocation process so unless you know a member, sailing in is the only way to see the inside of the club. They may have a few extra rules, but the seafood buffet is worth it.

Cruising Committee Meeting | February 15, 7:00pm

Volunteers needed! We can help with guides on how to lead a cruise, plus we have a well curated list of almost 30 Cruising Destinations to choose from.

Other Planned Cruises:

  • May 24-27: Memorial Day Weekend, Rear Commodore’s Choice

  • July 4-7: Independence Day Weekend, Benicia again?

  • August 30-September 2: Labor Day Weekend, Half Moon Bay again?

Personally I miss the swimming pool at Encinal Yacht Club.

Get involved in the Cruising Committee and you can control the destination(s). If you have ideas or want to get involved please join the meeting in person at the club or online Thursday, Feb 15, at 7pm.

CLICK HERE to Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 834 5312 0270

Passcode: 769036

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