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Help Preserve our History

The Berkeley Yacht Club Historic Preservation Committee has embarked on the digitization process of previous issues of Now Hear This!, our cherished newsletter that chronicles the stories, events, and milestones of ourclub and community.

The digitization of Now Hear This! represents a significant step in our commitment to safeguarding our club's heritage. By digitizing these issues, we ensure that our collective memories remain accessible and preserved in the digital age. This project will not only honor our past but also provide invaluable resources for future members and historians.

Call for Volunteers: Join Us in Preserving Our Legacy

To accomplish the monumental task of preserving club history and to allow members and guests to enjoy it in the present, the Historic Preservation Committee is calling for volunteers to assist in creating a comprehensive catalog of artifacts and documents. Whether you have a passion for history, an eye for detail, or simply want to contribute to this important endeavor, we welcome your involvement. The goal is to eventually display these items with proper labels and detail, and a catalogue is the first step to ensuring accuracy and value for the clubs displays.

Save the Date: Committee Meeting on April 12

Mark your calendars! The Historic Preservation Committee will be holding a meeting on Friday, April 12 to kickstart the cataloging process. Join us as we outline the project's objectives, discuss volunteer opportunities, and begin organizing the cataloging efforts.

Seeking Club Memorabilia

In addition to digitizing Now Hear This, the committee is eager to reconnectwith our club's past leaders. We are reaching out to staff commodores and past board members to return any club memorabilia they may have in their possession. This could include pins, hats, and any other items that hold sentimental value to our club's history. If you are a staff commodore or former board member in possession of club memorabilia, we encourage you to reach out to the Historic Preservation Committee by contacting me at Your contributions will play a crucial role in preserving our club's legacy and ensuring that our history continues to inspire future generations of sailors.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite all members to join us in this journey of preserving our club's history. Whether you volunteer your time, share your memories, or contribute club memorabilia, your participation is invaluable in safeguarding our heritage.

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