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Keep on Cruising....

By Brad Kekst, Cruise Chair

We had another couple of great cruises since the last NHT. Some of our great old traditions are still alive and well!


This tradition has been going on for almost 15 years. This year we had approximately eight boats participate, at least two from BYC, and over 60 people!

I never would have thought that pizza was a thing to do on a grill, but our very own David Lee was the hit of the party with his variety of fresh-made pizzas!


Clipper Cove is a tradition not because it’s a regular event, but because it’s the closest destination to Berkeley Yacht Club and this time we had a lot of our good old traditional boats joining! In total five boats participated in the event. Thank you Steven Colitz for organizing! Rafting up was a piece of cake once Glenn in Perception held down the fort. We rafted about 50 feet from the sandy beach.

We rafted about 50 feet from the sandy beach. The Treasure Island Yacht Club (TIYC) were excellent hosts, and welcomed us into their cozy club. Our outing was followed by TIYC’s annual Summer Sailstice party.Amazing time had by all!

UPCOMING CRUISES August is Open! We’re still looking for volunteers to lead a cruise in August and October. If anyone has any big ideas please reach out to Brad Kekst,, or ping me on our new website. Otherwise I will plan a repeat event at Clipper Cove, the hidden Shangri- la August 26-27.

Labor Day Weekend Cruise to HMB Our biggest adventure of the year! A lot of people have been telling me they are gearing up for this event already. Plan ahead! Half Moon Bay Yacht Club hosts their biggest event of the year over Labor Day Weekend; last year they had bands Saturday and Sunday night. There’s a ton to do once you get there—kayaking, touring, restaurants, breweries, commercial fisherman, and you can’t beat that little ferry from HMBYC’s dinghy dock.

Or reach out directly to me Brad Kekst,

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