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News & Events from our PICYA Friends

By Max Perez, PICYA BYC Delegate

I attended the Pacific Coast Yachting Association (PICYA) delegate meeting at the South Beach Yacht Club on March 6. There's some great news to share and so many events coming up this season!


Club of the Year (CotY) Club of the Year (CoTY) is a PICYA initiative to drive participation. I will receive a spreadsheet that can be used to track possible BYC events that earn points for CotY events, points accumulated and maybe specific opportunities for people to take if we want to maximize our points. San Jose Yacht Club and Ebony Yacht Club are frequent top scorers for CotY, but even if we don’t win, a high score will get the club a five star ranking, which is pretty cool. Dockwalker Training and participation earn CotY points. If you like to meet boaters and are passionate about clean boating, consider becoming a Dockwalker HERE.

San Rafael Creek San Rafael Creek has been dredged, reportedly to 8 feet mean low water to Channel Marker 17 (I think), and 6 feet mean low water for the rest of the canal. Sadly, Terrapin Station has closed, and nothing has opened in its location, but there is the municipal yacht harbor, San Rafael Yacht Club, and other attractions in San Rafael Creek. Nearby Loch Lomond Yacht Club has a new guest dock, an active calendar of events, and they welcome visiting PICYA club members.

PICYA Scholarships PICYA awards scholarships to graduating high school students or college students whose parents, grandparents, guardians or mentors are members of a yacht club belonging to PICYA wishing to continue their education in approved institutions of higher learning. Information on applying for scholarships or donating to the fund can be found HERE.

UPCOMING PICYA EVENTS March 25: Spring Leadership conference at Stockton Yacht Club. More info HERE. April 29: Classic Yacht Club will have a meeting at Treasure Island Yacht Club. Check out classic yachts! April 30: Opening Day on the Bay — 2023 Theme: “Broadway on the Bay”. More info HERE. Opening day on the Bay Committee boat seats available. Yacht Clubs should sign up for parade at the above listed website. May 4-7: Pacific Sail and Motorboat Show, Westpoint Harbor, Redwood City. More info HERE. May 26-29: Petaluma Yacht Club Tropical-themed Memorial Day Interclub cruise-in. More info HERE. June 16-18: Lipton Regatta; Registration opens April 3 at noon. More info HERE.

PICYA Member Club Updates

The Club at Westpoint has a new facility opening June 3. | Stockton Yacht Club welcomes cruise ins. | San Rafael Yacht Club has been dredged. Make a weekend of it during June solstice and dress like a Viking | Petaluma Yacht Club’s Memorial Weekend Cruise-in theme is Jolly Roger | Berkeley Yacht Club won an award! More information in the next update!

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