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By Brad Kekst, Cruise Chair Don’t have a cruising boat? Let us know you want to go anyway! Send an email to or contact me on Slack. Captains often have room for more crew.

April 29-30: Angel Island & Opening Day on the Bay This is a three-part event—join us for one, two, or all three parts of the event. Part 1: Sail or ferry over to Ayala Cove, Angel Island. If you're just sailing over for the day (part 1) it's first-come, first-serve at the docks. If you're staying overnight grab a mooring buoy (more details to follow) and use your dinghy to get to shore. We'll have a picnic on shore and maybe hike to the top of Mr Livermore for a three-bridge view. Part 2: Stay overnight on a mooring buoy. There are shallow water challenges with the buoys, lots more info to follow, Part 3: Take off from BYC or Ayala Cove on the morning of Sunday, April 30, and watch the Opening Day on the Bay. Angel Island overnighters can take advantage of the tides which will force us to exit early from the mooring balls. The parade is in front of Crissy Field from 8:00am to 2:00pm. We’ll decide whether we want to raft up near shore or just make it a rally.

May 6: Watch SailGP Meet at Angel Island for a BBQ if you want to get out early. Then we’ll sail over to the race track and watch the finals of this season’s Sail GP. The actual racing is scheduled from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. We can rally near the “Bring Your Own Boat” area shown on the map.

Proposed 2023 Cruising Schedule Here is our tentative line-up for our larger cruises. Stay tuned as there is also a desire to have more ad hoc, last minute, short cruises.

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