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Hitting the Decks

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

By Ibrahim Sargin, Port Captain

A sprightly Joe Cunliffe doing the plank pose.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy getting the guest dock into shape. Board wrangler Joe Cunliffe has kindly introduced the port captain to the mysterious world of dock repair, and over the next weeks you will see more work carried out. The gist of it: big wooden planks and some screws. The planks are called something different, depending on where they go.

Apart from the surface boards, some some of the underlying structure needs work, including missing or loose floats, rusty pile hoops and what not. This should ensure that the dock neither sinks, nor floats away into the sunset with the whole West Coast fleet of Express 37s later this year. The conclusion of it all will be the installation of fancy new electrical pedestals—marvels of modern engineering that will be the envy of the yachting world.

James Ellis and Steve Rosing volunteered to empty waterlogged kayaks during spring cleanup.

Related to these repairs, and to a general need for a tidy and well-functioning dock, you may have seen emails regarding updating the owner information for the various kayaks and dinghies found in the racks. Please contact me with owner information if you haven't already.

Also please consider removing anything you don't use regularly, as other members might have more pressing paddling needs, and a certain Port Captain may want to repair the dock underneath the kayak racks, so you don't sink beneath the waves the next time you step on the dock.

In the long run, we do need funds to keep the dock and racks in reasonable condition, and we will likely be dialoging, as they say, about the best format for that, whether it be regular work parties or monthly fees.

The Port Captain dialoging with stakeholders.

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