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Turbocharge Our Fridays

Jumpstart your weekend with Friday night fun at BYC. Bring some food to the bar around dinner time. Set it up on the side table. Enjoy the company of your fellow BYC members as we share a casual meal together. If you come make sure you bring more than your fork! Or maybe you end up buying drinks...? The club will provide paper plates, napkins and utensils.

A note about costs: This concept for Friday nights is that these loosely structured events are member supported. The club can provide some basic supplies, such as popcorn, plates, napkins, etc. but members do the rest.

Proposed schedule through mid March is below. If you want to sign up for a Bar Takeover Night (Thanks to Kimber and Galen for jumping in!) do so on the linked google sheet HERE.

Photos from Kimber's Bar Takeover: Album Cover Costume Party on Friday, February 9

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