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Upcoming Sailing League Trial Event

By JP Camille, Director

As a participating club in Lipton Cup, BYC has been invited to nominate a skipper for a Sailing Champion’s League Trial event this August, hosted by St.Francis Yacht Club. The BYC Lipton Cup team has nominated avid match racer David Janinis as skipper to race under the BYC burgee in this August’s event.

This will serve as a great opportunity for some of our BYC racers to get a taste of top-level racing and gain experience for future Lipton Cup races.

“The Sailing Champions League has, since 2014, sponsored high-level club vs. club fleet racing throughout Europe and Australia. Currently over 500 different yacht clubs compete in the series, which is focused on spectator-friendly events. As the league expands into the United States, the St. Francis Yacht Club will be running a one-day pilot event on August 26, 2023 in its fleet of J/22s.”

Interested to learn more about the Sailing Champion’s League? Check out more info HERE.

BYC members are invited to join Janinis’ Team BYC in this August’s trial event as crew, coaches, shore support, volunteers, or spectators.

Simply reach out to and let us know how you’d like to be involved!

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