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Weekend Cruise to Half Moon Bay

Our most adventurous cruise-out of the year! Four vessels made the ocean voyage from San Francisco Bay to Half Moon Bay and Pillar Point Harbor. The weather was as mild as it gets, with no wind at all. Fortunately, we all had plenty of fuel. Lots of wildlife was seen on the way down, as usual.

Boats participating were Michael Zigler’s Southern Cross, Galen Loving’s Ruby, Brad Kekst’s About Time and Kixon Meyer’s Steadfast. Anchoring was quiet and calm as ever, we all found spots within a few hundred yards of the club.

The Half Moon Bay Yacht Club were fantastic hosts, as usual, for this event which is their biggest event each year. They had a Renaissance Faire theme with live music and a costume contest! (No one from BYC entered).

The crowd at the dinghy dock was formidable! And there’s nothing quite like the experience of HMBYC’s ferry from the dinghy dock to land.

Of course the BYC clan had to have our own little happy hour.

Eventually it was time to sail home. We did have some wind to get us started, but most of us ended up motoring the last half of the voyage.

This journey was so popular the AIS map made the path home look like a super highway—call it PCH Zero!

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